• Integrated Mounting Ring acts as an inlet ring, simplifies design integration and reduces your manufacturing assembly time. The mounting ring is readily available on fans listed with the suffix "–F" and can be configured for new designs on other sizes.
AC Motorized Impellers with Integrated Mounting Ring
Part No.
UF190APA-F (235 dia x 87mm) 9.25 dia. x 3.43 in. 370
UF220APA-F (259 dia x 98mm) 10.2 dia. x 3.85 in. 530
UF225(99)APA-F (259 dia x 117mm) 10.2 dia. x 4.62 in. 770
UF250APA-F (259 dia x 131mm) 10.2 dia. x 5.15 in. 850

Mechatronics offers the standard motorized impeller package as well as a unique configuration which combines the impeller and inlet ring in one complete package. The integrated inlet ring doubles as a mounting plate.

Standard motorized impeller integration requires an inlet ring to block the exhaust air from re-entering the air intake. For optimal performance, the inlet ring must be mounted to an adjacent surface aligning it with the impeller intake.

Mechatronics integrated inlet ring option eliminates the need for an additional adjacent surface for an inlet ring. Simply mount the device and power it up. This simplifies integration as well as reduces your assembly labor time.