As technology and innovation advance, so does the need for specialized cooling. Mechatronics' broad range of standard product and custom cooling solutions provide a number of options to meet the unique requirements of today's industries.

Telecommunication / Networking

Mechatronics offers a wide variety of models designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of today’s telecommunication and networking applications, Mechatronics has a number of options for your telecommunication or networking application, including high airflow and environmental protection.


Ranging from diagnostic equipment to patient monitoring, Mechatronics fans provide customers in the medical industry with high reliability, low noise cooling.


Mechatronics backward curved impellers provide exceptional airflow ideal for air filtration, humidification and dehumidification. Axial fan solutions for industrial applications include environmental protection and ultra high airflow models.


Mechatronics fans provide heating or cooling for appliance applications including ovens, food warming / cooling and refrigeration. Our high temperature solutions offer design flexibility.