MECHATRONICS CORPORATION is a privately held marketing, distribution, and manufacturing company that was founded in 1984. Today, the corporation is comprised of four operating groups that serve diverse markets.

Mechatronics Fans manufactures AC & DC cooling fans and blowers for the electronic, food handling, medical and HVAC industries.

National Precision Bearing distributes bearings to the Aerospace, Medical, Defense, and Industrial applications.

Silverthin Bearing Manufactures thin section and slewing ring bearings for Industrial and Defense applications.


MechConnect manufactures cable assemblies, complex wire harnesses, and box builds for Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Electronic, and Food service industries.

Mechatronics group companies are located in Preston, WA

Mechatronics, Inc.
8152 - 304th Ave. SE
PO Box 5012
Preston, WA 98050-5012

The Mechatronics Fan Group has been a leading source of AC and DC cooling fans, blowers, value-added assemblies and cooling solutions since 1985. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified headquarters and warehouse are located in Preston, WA enabling same day shipment from our extensive fan inventory.

We are committed to supporting our customers with technologically advanced products, superior quality, value-based pricing and exceptional flexible service. We sell through our knowledgeable professional sales staff, sales representatives and distributors world wide.

Mechatronics cooling products are RoHS compliant and designed to meet the toughest standards of UL, CSA, TUV and VCE.

AC/DC Fans & Guards
AC Motorized Impellers
Ecapsulated Fan Motors for Hostile Environments

Mechatronics Fan Group is an ISO certified company.

Warranty, Errors and Omissions

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