Low Power Consumption AC Fans
Electronically Commutated – UL Recognized

Reduced Power Consumption

Lower your fan power consumption by up to 70%.

Mechatronics Low Power Consumption models offer significantly reduced wattage without sacrificing performance. The electronically commutated motor offers the efficiency of a DC motor in an AC fan.

Power Consumption Comparison

Global Input Voltage

Simplify your fan requirements.

A single Global Voltage model can replace separate 115VAC and 230VAC models consolidating your supply chain. Models with Global Input Voltage offer consistent fan performance throughout a wide input voltage range of 100VAC ~240VAC. Eliminate concerns of diminished fan cooling performance due to unstable input power.

Improved Performance

Increase your cooling capacity with higher airflow.

Low Power Consumption models offer higher airflow performance compared to standard AC fan models in the same package size. Increasing your airflow performance can reduce your operating temperature, improve system efficiency and/or prolong the life of your application.

Airflow Performance Comparison (120x38mm Models)
LPH12A-H 3,500 124 Low Power Model
UF12A-H 3,100 106 Standard AC Model


Control and monitor your fans for optimal performance.

Mechatronics Low Power Consumption fans are available with a number of options.

  • Monitor the fan RPM with the Tachometer alarm output
  • Control the fan speed with the PWM input speed control
  • Protect the fan with an environmental coating


For more detailed product information view our Low Power Consumption AC Fan specifications.