Mechatronics Supply Chain Stability and Diversified Solutions

PRESTON, Wash., Sept 21, 2018 – Looking for fan products made in countries other than China? Turn to Mechatronics Fans.

Mechatronics offers supply stability and sourcing options for AC, DC, and EC cooling fans made in strategically positioned non-China manufacturing locations. Despite the cost advantages of sourcing from China, Mechatronics group companies have maintained a balance portfolio of manufacturing locations throughout Asia.

Mechatronics Inc. has been manufacturing fans for over 30 years and continues to make a majority of it's AC, DC, and EC fan products in Taiwan and Indonesia. More than 85% of the products Mechatronics manufactures overseas are made outside of mainland China, and will not be impacted by tariffs levied on China. With major manufacturing locations in a variety of countries, Mechatronics remains a strong and well-positioned supplier for today and the future.

For those customers potentially affected by changing terms of Chinese trade regulations, Mechatronics will transparently offer alternatives, and review the best course of action to ensure stability to our customers' supply chain.

Mechatronics will proactively communicate with our customer/partners who may benefit from the diverse domestic and international options we offer. In the meantime, should you have any immediate concerns, please contact us at 800.453.4569 or

Mechatronics letter to customers regarding tariffs levied in USTR Section 301 tariff list 3: Tariff Letter Update: 5/10/2019

Mechatronics products by source country and tariff impact:

Mechatronics Series Prefix Country of Origin Tariff Impact
UF Taiwan None
G Indonesia None
F Indonesia None
E Indonesia None
B Indonesia None
LPT Taiwan None
IR Taiwan None
A Indonesia None
071xx China Included in list 3
09xxx China Included in list 3
PFG China Included in list 3
UX China Included in list 3
UM China Included in list 3
UH China Included in list 3
SGR China Included in list 3
M China Included in list 3
LPH China Included in list 3
D China Included in list 3

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