Rack Mount High Airflow AC/EC Fan Trays

Mechatronics Fan trays are available in standard 3, 6, and 9 fan configurations. The Mechatronics Fan Tray offers low power and SUPER low power consumption options by making use of the Mechatronics LPH low power fans. Custom fan tray configurations available on request.

Mechatronics low power consumption electronically commutated (EC) fans deliver high airflow performance and require as much as 50% less power than standard AC fans. Each low power tray is suitable for use with 115VAC and 230VAC input power.

Mechatronics energy efficient low power consumption custom fan trays offer:

  • Lighted indicator rocker switch
  • Long life ball bearings
  • Cold rolled steel trays with black finish
  • Ready to mount in 1U rack
  • Thermal protection and high temperature options
  • Power cords available upon request
  • Thermistor, Tachometer output, & PWM speed control configuration available on request

Low Power Consumption Fans
High Temp Fans
Fan Trays
Description Fans Voltage CFM RPM Amps Watts Temp
MT1U-3-12 Standard Fan Tray 115VAC 3 115VAC 318 3100 0.48 36  -40 to 70C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-3-23 Standard Fan Tray 230VAC 3 230VAC 318 3100 0.24 45  -40 to 70C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-3-AM12 High Temp Fan Tray 120VAC 3 115VAC 309 3100 0.45 39  -40 to 90C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-3-AM23 High Temp Fan Tray 230VAC 3 230VAC 309 3100 0.27 45  -40 to 90C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-3-LPH99 Low Power Consumption High Airflow EC Fan Tray 3 100-240VAC 372 3500 0.54 28.5  -20 to 70C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-3-LPH99L Super Low Power Consumption EC Fan Tray 3 100-240VAC 258 2500 0.24 12.6  -20 to 70C 445x210x45 17.5x8.25x1.75
MT1U-6-LPH99 Low Power Consumption High Airflow EC Fan Tray 6 100-240VAC 744 3500 1.08 57  -20 to 70C 445x343x45 17.5x13.5x1.75
MT1U-9-LPH99 Low Power Consumption High Airflow EC Fan Tray 9 100-240VAC 1116 3500 1.62 85  -20 to 70C 445x445x45 17.5x17.5x1.75

3, 6 and 9 fan Options Available.

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