Brushless AC Axial Fans

In this section, you will find additional information about Mechatronics standard offering of AC axial fans. Mechatronics highly skilled engineering team is available to assist with development of custom cooling solutions to meet your requirements. Please contact Mechatronics with your engineering requirements.

AC Axial Fans General Specifications*

  • Aluminum die-cast frame
  • Thermoplastic UL94V-0 or metal impeller
  • High precision chrome steel ball bearings or bronze sintered sleeve
  • Terminal or 22awg lead wire power connection
  • Impedance or thermal protection
  • Operating temperature range:
    • - Ball Bearing -40C ~ 70C
    • - Sleeve Bearing -20C ~ 70C
  • Dielectric Strength
    • - AC 1500V (50/60Hz) for one minute
  • Insulation Class B (unless otherwise noted)
  • UL, cUL File E137077
    • - TUV
    • - CE

* Actual specifications, tolerances and safety agency approvals vary by model. Consult Mechatronics for individual specifications.

Brushless AC Axial Fan and Impeller Options

Dual Voltage: Many Mechatronics AC axial fans and impellers are available in a 115/230v dual voltage package. These models are manufactured for either 115vac or 230vac operation. Each fan includes 4 unique colored lead wires. Fans can be hooked up for 115v or 230v by following the wiring diagram included on each fan.

Environmental Protection: Mechatronics AC axial fans are available with optional environmental protection ranging from light coating to full encapsulation. Available options vary by model.

  • Conformal Coating - fan motor windings are treated with a thin coating prior to installation into the fan frame. Conformal coating is designed for light moisture exposure such as condensation.
  • Encapsulated Motor - Fan motor windings are sealed with potting material to prevent water and dust ingress. Encapsulation is designed for direct water exposure and has been tested to meet IP55 requirements.
  • Encapsulation + Salt Fog Protection - Fan motor windings are sealed with potting material to prevent water and dust ingress. Supplemental coating is added over all exposed areas of fan motor to prevent corrosion from salt exposure.

Multiple Speed: Mechatronics AC axial fans and impellers are available with 2 speed options in the same unit. Each model is supplied with 3 lead wires. Black and blue wires are used for low speed operation. Black and brown wires are used for high speed operation.

Tachometer & Alarm Output Systems

Some Mechatronics AC fan sizes are available with optional tachometer or locked rotor alarm output systems

Tachometer PN suffix:"B1"
Locked Rotor Alarm PN suffix:    "B2"

Applications must supply AC voltage to power the fan and a separate DC voltage to power the signal system. The signal output system does not have to be connected for the fan to operate.

The AC fan signal output is open collector and does not have a voltage output. The application must utilize a pull up resistor across a DC power source in the system in order to get the desired voltage on the output.

AC fans with a signal output option will have 3 additional lead wires:

Red = +5vdc ~ +12vdc input
Black = negative DC
3rd Wire = signal output

Tachometer Signal:

  • One pulse per revolution square wave output

Locked Rotor Alarm Signal:

  • High on pass low on fail

Download: Tachometer & Alarm Output Systems

Not all options are available in all models. Please contact Mechatronics for available options for a particular model.

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