Brushless DC Fans and Blowers

In this section, you will find additional information about Mechatronics standard offering of DC fans and blowers. Mechatronics highly skilled engineering team is available to assist with development of custom cooling solutions to meet your requirements. Please contact Mechatronics with your engineering requirements.

General Specifications*

  • Operating Voltage Range
    • DC 4.5 to 6.0V for DC 5V
    • DC 5.5 to 14V for DC 12V
    • DC 10 to 28V for DC 24V
    • DC 24 to 56V for DC 48V
  • Operating Temp Range
    • -10°C to 70°C
  • Storage Temp Range
    • -40°C to 70°C
  • Insulation Resistance
    • over 10M at DC 500V
  • Dielectric Strength
    • AC 500V for 1 minute
  • Protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Impeller
    • PBT (UL94V-0)
  • Housing
    • PBT (UL94V-0)
  • PCB
    • Epoxy (UL94V-0)
  • Lead Wires
    • Color coded UL1007 or UL1061
  • Bearings
    • High precision chrome steel ball bearings or
    • Sintered bronze sleeve
  • Safety
    • UL, C-UL File E137077
    • TUV

* Actual specifications, tolerances, and safety agency approvals vary by series. Consult Mechatronics for individual specifications.

DC Fan Options

Tachometer Output Signal: Optional tachometer output alarm signal can be used to monitor fan performance. The signal is a 2 pulse per revolution square wave output. Different signal output voltages may be available including:

  • - Open collector
  • - TTL Compatible (5vdc)
  • - Source Voltage Output (12vdc fan = 12vdc alarm)

Locked Rotor Alarm Signal: Optional locked rotor alarm signal can be used to monitor fan rotation. The signal is low during normal fan rotation. The signal switches to high when the impeller is locked. Different signal output voltages may be available including:

  • - Open Collector
  • - TTL Compatible (5vdc)
  • - Half of Source Voltage Output (12vdc fan = 6vdc alarm)

Thermistor Speed Control: Optional thermal speed control by thermistor. At 25 degrees C or less, the fan will operate at approximately half speed. At 35 degrees C or greater, the fan will operate at full speed. Between 25 and 35 degrees C, the fan speed will automatically adjust based on the ambient temperature. There are 2 thermistor location options:

  • Hub Mount - Thermistor is mounted on the fan hub. With this configuration, the fan senses the temperature of the air as it flows through the fan and adjusts the speed accordingly.
  • Remote Mount - Thermistor is mounted on the end of 12" lead wires. The thermistor can be placed in a location away from the fan to sense the ambient temperature and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

PWM Speed Control: This option allows for speed adjustment of the fan in the customer application via a customer supplied PWM signal into the fan through a separate input wire. The PWM frequency should be 25kHz +/- 5kHz, and the voltage should be 0.5vdc ~ 5vdc.

Environmental Coatings: Many Mechatronics DC axial models are available with multiple environmental coating options ranging from a light film to full encapsulation. Environmental options are:

  • Conformal Coating - Fan motor and PCB are dipped into conformal coating solution prior to assembly into the fan frame. Conformal Coating is designed for light moisture exposure such as condensation.
  • Enhanced Conformal Coating - Fan motor and PCB are dipped into conformal coating solution. After solution has cured, a secondary coating of silicone is added over PCB components. Enhanced conformal coating is designed for occasional water splashes.
  • Encapsulated Motor - Fan motor and PCB are over molded with polyamide material. Encapsulation is designed for continued water exposure and has been tested to meet IP57 requirements.

Available options vary by model. Custom options may be available upon request. Please contact Mechatronics for details.

Part Numbering