Complete Line of Mechatronics Cooling Solutions Now Available from Digi-Key Worldwide!

Mechatronics and Digi-Key

Purchasing Mechatronics cooling fans just got easier. Now partnered with Digikey, the extensive line of Mechatronics products are available from stock.

“Our partnership with Digi-Key will significantly expand the market reach of our unique line of fan and blower products” said Shawn Psachos, General Manager of Mechatronics. “Digi-Key’s global presence and commitment to immediately accessible inventory make this a win-win for customers seeking Mechatronics Thermal Management solutions”.

“To meet the constantly evolving needs of our customer base, Digi-Key is pleased to add Mechatronics fans to our expansive line card,” said Tom Busher, Vice President, Global IP&E. “Their broad range of thermal management air moving solutions proves to be essential in many product designs.”

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