DC Motorized Impellers

In this section, you will find additional information about Mechatronics standard offering of DC motorized impellers. Mechatronics highly skilled engineering team is available to assist with development of custom cooling solutions to meet your requirements. Please contact Mechatronics with your engineering requirements.

Connection Reference

Wire Color Impeller Connection Function Parameter
Red Power Supply Input Impeller Rated DC Voltage
Blue Speed Control Input 0-10VDC
Yellow Tachometer Output 10mA Max Pulse
Black Ground Reference Ground

Speed Control

Impeller speed is 0 RPM when blue wire control input is 0VDC.

Impeller operates at minimum speed when blue wire control input is 1VDC.

Impeller operates at full speed when blue wire control input is 10VDC.

Speed control input voltage maximum is impeller's rated DC voltage.

Full Speed Operation

To operate the impeller without speed control input, connect blue and red wire together to rated input voltage.

Impeller operates at 100% RPM when blue wire control input is connected to red wire at impeller rated voltage.

The yellow wire does not need to be connected for impeller to operate.

Red Power Supply Input
Blue Connect to Red Wire
Yellow Connection not required
Black Ground