Mechatronics AC/DC Fans & Blowers

Digi-Key and Mechatronics

Purchasing Mechatronics cooling fans has been simplified! Digi-Key offers an extensive selection of Mechatronics products from stock. "Our on-demand partnership with Digi-Key expands the market reach of our unique line of fan and blower products," said Shawn Psachos, General Managerof Mechatronics. "Digi-Key's global presence and commitment to immediately available inventory makes this a win-win for customers seeking Mechatronics Thermal Management solutions."

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More Products with IP55 Protection

Mechatronics has expanded our offering of IP55 rated AC fans.

IP ratings pertain to the protection against solid objects or materials and liquids. IP55 rated fans protect against dust and water exposure. Mechatronics now offers 12 different series with IP55 protection. Select models available with salt fog protection.

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